Wednesday, October 13, 2010

IBL Celebrates 60 years of Dr. William Scott’s ministry in India

Kalpakkam, 13th October

Over 300 people drawn from partners, workers and missionaries of India Bible Literature witnessed the diamond jubily celebration of the founder of India Bible Literature, during 12-14 October 2010 at TWR Dhyana Nilayam, Kalpakkam near Chennai.

Dr. Bill Scott, is popularly known in the villages as Bible Scott, along with his wife Joyce started his ministry in India six decades ago. He believed, sharing the gospel and presenting the printed Word of God in to the hands of people can only transform people and bring lasting rewards for the Kingdom of God. Using Scripture literature in Christian witnessing in the remote villages of Andhra Pradesh, he realized the need of literacy and education of the illiterate masses in Indian Villages. The humble beginning of the ministry grew as ‘India Bible Literature’ and the ‘Literacy India Trust’ spreading over to the breadth and width of the nation over the last 60 years.

“I feel Dr. Scott was just born to minister in Andhra Pradesh” said Pastor K. James from Rajmundry who has been associated with the Scotts and IBL for over forty years, not undermining Scott’s ministry to the rest of India but reiterating the impact it has made in his own part of the country. “IBL had subsidized over 1,45,000 Bibles that I distributed in Telugu alone”, said the pastor and itinerant evangelist, who has used more than 6 million IBL literature in his ministry.

Dr. Scott is a role model for missionaries and Christian ministers in India, Dr. Velayudham said, initiating the felicitation session. IBL presented Dr. Scott a diamond as a token of what he has meant for IBL and the ministry in India. Different ministry wing of IBL, and several senior staff members and partners presented mementos and gifts as token of their love and appreciation.

IBL presented gifts to 23 senior staff members, as tokens of acknowledgment for their faithful service for more than 20 years. Dr. Scott gave away the gifts.

Responding to the felicitations, Dr. Scott began:

“Thank you for the love you have demonstrated to me. My wife worked in India along with me for 52 years. I wish if she had been here today to witness. She deserves this appreciation more than I deserve. My heartfelt thanks each one of you for your fellowship for the last 60 years”. Citing a few instances, he acknowledged the Lord’s leading in the ministry in the Indian villages. He summed up: “I look forward to the future - I don’t know how long it will be- to witness the Lord’s hand more and more on this ministry in India. It is my prayer that each of us will stand with confidence as faithful servant in His kingdom for His glory”.

Dr. Sott also shared from the Word of God in the session that followed, focusing on the Abundant grace of God and His faithfulness in blessing and multiplying what is offered to Him. He had illustrated his message from life experiences in India from the 1950. He pointed out the advancement of life and facilities in India that he could watch during his life time and shared his aspirations for the ministry for the masses in the India ahead. "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God" Dr. Scott quoted William Carrey who has been an influence in his life.


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Monday, October 11, 2010

IBL Book Exhibition was conducted at Chennai during October 2-9 at Chennai at the IBL head quarters. Lovers of Christian literature in Chennai flocked everyday, numbering 600 to 700 to select their choiced Bibles, Study Books and Spiritual and devotional literature. The response was very good and many thousands used the opportunity to collect valuable books at special prices. Every year the Book Expo is conducted at Chennai from 2nd to 9th October.
Bibles and IBL's regualar publications are availble at the IBL's Book Shop, open at weakdays.



Dr. Scott's Dimond Jubilee

IBL Celeberates the Diamond Jubilee of Dr. Willima Scott's ( Founder of IBL) ministry in India, during October 12-14 .

Venue: TWR Dhyana Nilayam, Paramnkeni, Near Kalpakkan, Tamil Nadu

(Seekanankuppam, PO, Cheyyur Taluk, Kanchipuram District, TN: 603 305


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