Friday, June 18, 2010


Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the ministry of Dr. William Scott (Founder of IBL)

Dates: 12-14, October 2010
Venue: TWR Centre, Paramakeni, Tamil Nadu


Inspirational Books
A set of 20 books of inspirational topics (worth Rs.1500/-) are available for pastors, evangelists, lay leaders at a discounted price of Rs.1000/-

Title/ Author

If my people(a journey on the forgotten road to spiritual blessing) D. J. Reid

Mighty to save Clifford Pond

Henry Martyn (Pioneer missionary to India & Islam) Jesse Page

Isaac Watts – His life and hymns Paxton Hood

Maranatha Man (Autobiography) C.S. Lovett

Longing to be loved C. S. Lovett

Teach witnessing C. S. Lovett

Jesus wants you well ! C. S. Lovett

Witnessing made easy C. S. Lovett

Let your spirit soar (365 inspirational flights- wings to the Word) C. S. Lovett

Jesus is coming-Get ready Christian C. S. Lovett

Lovett’s lights on JOHN C. S. Lovett

Lovett’s lights on ACTS C. S. Lovett

Lovett’s lights on ROMANS C. S. Lovett

Lovett’s lights on HEBREWS C. S. Lovett

Lovett’s lights on I & II PETER C. S. Lovett

Translator in China Robert Morrison

Sermons on special occasions Ian R.K. Paisley

Great Conversions Frederick S. Leahy

My Spurgeon Souvenirs Eric Hayden

Counseling Books

Biblical Counseling books - A set of 24 books dealing with crucial topics of everyday life. Actual price: Rs.360/- Now available at a discounted price of Rs.240/- (for a limited period of time). The sets are available in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada. The English version is available as one book with 50 different topics.

Topics include

1. Counseling & Fear
2. Spiritual Warfare Unbelieving Mate
3. Wife Abuse
4. Depression
5. Forgiveness
6. Grief Recovery
7. Self Worth
8. Sexual Integrity
9. Assurance of Salvation
10. Child Evangelism
11. Alcohol & Drug Abuse
12. Victory over Anger
13. Marriage & Blended Family etc...

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Literacy Enlightens the Dombos

The people who were considered as untouchables by others are being liberated to walk with the mainstream society through the literacy training given to them. Over 1500 people from this hitherto uneducated poor have become literates through IBL’s village literacy programmes.

Adult Literacy Project Officers’ Orientation

Forty seven delegates from different parts of Tamil Nadu met at Chennai at the seminar held during March 9-10.

Adult Literacy Teachers’ Training Programme

Salem, TN

The 226th training programme was conducted at Salem Social Service Society, Salem, TN where seventy-seven animators from the state attended.

Vijayawada, A.P

The 227th literacy training programme was arranged at St.Joseph Pastoral Centre, Gunadala, Vijaywada, AP from 15th to 19th March 2010. 116 delegates from AP received training at the four day extensive programme.



The CBSs for the year 2010 started with a twoday orientation and training in Chennai from 12-13 March 2010. 350 CBS teachers and leaders attended the trainging from CSI, ECI, Luthran, Brethren, Church of Christ, Pentecostal, independent churches and several ministry organizations. The new CBS books, songs CDs and DVDs were released at the meeting.


Over 300 trainees attended the CBS teachers’ training held at Zion Pentecostal Church, Vellore during 26-27 March 2010.

CBS training programmes were also arranged at Trichy, Erode, Tuticorin, Salem, Madurai, Marthandam, Thindivanam and Chidambaram.


The World Map Pastors’ Spiritual Renewal Conference 2010


700 pastors attended the spiritual renewal conference which was organized at Zion’s Bible College, Gunadla, Vijayawada, AP, from February 23-26.


The conference at Pune was held at Union Biblical Seminary during 1—19 February. 300 pastors attended.

Dr. Frank Parrish, Rev. Vic Torres, Dr. E. Velayudham, Rev. M. P. Prasanna and Pastor Don, Mr. Anthony were the speakers and leaders at the meetings.


India Bible Literature

No. 67, Beracah Road, Post Box. No. 1037,

Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010 Phone : 2642 5166, 2642 0077 Fax : 26428298